We in the Tax Law Group assist our clients to be represented before the preliminary interviews and hearings if their cases cannot be resolved through the regular settlement.  Some of the cases ultimately end up in the court, where any applicant needs to be represented.  It is highly recommended that no individual appears in court without legal representation.  The Tax Law Group provides all services related to these issues and will seek the fastest results to assist in meeting your objectives.
Tax Litigation Counsel Automated Tracking System (TLCATS)
Privacy Impact Assessment -Tax Litigation Counsel Automated Tracking System (TLCATS)
TL-CATS System Overview

TLCATS is a key management information system used by the Office of Chief Counsel to track all aspects of Tax Litigation cases.  It is an on-line interactive and batch processing system that allows Chief Counsel personnel to store and retrieve case data throughout all phases of the Tax Litigation process allowing for case coordination nationwide.  TLCATS also tracks case events and due dates for items due to the taxpayer, Tax Court, Federal District Courts, Federal Court of Claims, Federal Courts of Appeals, Supreme Court.  It tracks trial calendars and provides the U.S. Tax Court, through Chief Counsel, with a status of those cases on each trial calendar.  TLCATS provides Chief Counsel management with case statistics at various organizational levels.
System of Records Number(s)
Treasury/IRS 90.16    Counsel Automated Tracking Systems (CATS)
Treasury/IRS 34.037  IRS Audit Trail & Security Records