The Tax Law Group, working at the Law Offices located in Washington, D.C. offers a wide range of services to clients, including individuals and businesses, throughout the United States and overseas.
The Tax Law Group will look into your matter, ascertain it can assist you in achieving your objectives, and will process your matter expediently, mostly without litigation, but if necessary, representing clients in tax courts.
We provide the complete range of services associated with tax law:
- preparing applications to amend and amendments to tax returns, correcting errors;
- preparing advice for successful submission of your tax filings and amendments thereto;
- tax consequences for individuals when family members are involved;
- elevating the compliance with the tax requirements in conformity with the law;
- advice on the applicable tax statutes and case law;
- review of existing cases and appeals on behalf of those who are under IRS investigation;
- appearing in administrative and judicial proceedings when necessary, to support the clients;
- consulting how to better proceed with your objectives involving taxation;
- assisting clients in choosing the correct tax provisions to fit requirements;
- working on timetable of taxation matters, assisting in negotiating with IRS;
- appearing with clients at questioning and audits by IRS officials, and preparing to those;
- explaining to clients the application of the taxation statutes, of their provisions;
- appearing as counsel and handling, when necessary, criminal matters of alleged tax evasion.
Services: Legal Assitance at All Stages
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