The Tax Law Group considers cases and matters on a pro bono basis or on reduced fee base.  To qualify for free or reduced rates of services, clients are encourage to submit information showing exceptional circumstances.  The Law Offices will closely look into such a situation and will advise you of its decision whether the particular case or matter qualified, in its view, for free services or for reduced fee rates. Do not hesitate to inquire.
Pro Bono
It is well known that a certain part of the taxpayers do not have substantial resources at their disposal to dedicate to legal support.  Well recognizing this, the Tax Law Group distinguishes between the clients that can afford paying the legal fees and those whose income is too limited to afford legal fees in part or in their entirety.  The lack of resources is not an insurmountable obstacle in obtaining legal services from the Tax Law Group, subject to the consideration of eligibility of obtaining legal assistance pro bono or on reduced rates.  Depending upon a client's particular situation, a potential client is encouraged to explain his or her situation and to seek special review of that situation.  It is the policy of the bar in the District of Columbia that attorneys are obligated to provide a part of the time pro bono to those who need such assistance.  With that in mind, the Tax Law Group is open to the applications from clients seeking pro bono or reduced rates for assisting them.